About us


The roots of this family business started back from 1905. When three young men from a family came up with an idea of manufacturing of leather goods and tanning of leather under the supervision of MR SULTAN AHMED who was the founder and first generation of SHAHZADA GLOVES. He came up with an idea to export their products in international markets from the city of Sialkot which is very famous for its Gloves all over the world. Due to Shahzada Gloves efforts and devotion, he became very successful as a manufacturer and first exporter of leather goods.

Later in 1984 their fourth generation MR SHAHZAD AKBER SPUAL after completing his education from United Kingdom came into their family business. He worked hard and tried to expand their family business in global world. He participated in many exhibitions to promote their family business. In 2008 Mr. Shahzad decided to diversify business and started sportswear & protective gears manufacturing.

 We are proudly presenting our innovative and wide range of products with world class Quality.